Youth Summer Soccer Camp and Leadership Program

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A large majority of the Haitian population is below the age of 25. These young people are living a life of idleness in a country torn by division, social inequality, economic disparity, and gripped in political gridlock.  These young people are marginalized by their own society and ignored by their own government.  They are unemployed and are out of school (if they attended at all).   As a result, most of them are extremely vulnerable to negative influences and are often used by corrupt politicians to create instability.   And we know, as the old saying goes, “idleness is the mother of all vices.”

Therefore, we need to invest in these young people with the hope that a new generation of leaders will emerge with the talents, the convictions, and the intellectual gravitas to lift Haiti from its knees and put the country toward the path of progress.

Reunion Sportive has a long-term commitment to helping these young people and under-served children to have the skills they need to succeed in life, to achieve their goals, and to create a safer community in which they live.  We believe that investing in Haiti’s children is investing in Haiti’s future.  That is why, since 2010, Reunion Sportive organizes this comprehensive Summer Soccer program, using sports and education as tools of social and economic development.

At the Summer Camp, we keep the kids safe and engaged in sporting and academically enriching activities, as well as in providing them with healthy meals and an opportunity to interact with one another.  The kids learn new skills and develop new hobbies. They work as part of a team and help to set goals and plan activities with others. They make new friends, learn about their lives, and celebrate their similarities and their differences. They grow their imagination through reading, story-telling, skits, arts and crafts, dance, and sport. They try new things, and try again if they are not successful the first time.

The Summer Camp is even more necessary this year because of the catastrophic devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in the cities where we operate.   Hurricane Matthew destroyed over 90% of the homes, leaving the children homeless and hopeless.  Therefore, we are seeking financial support to buy food, drinks, educational materials, and sport equipment for thousands of boys and girls (ages 8-22) attending the Summer Camp.

Consequently, with your support, we will gather a maximum number of kids and youths in activities favorable to their socialization and fulfillment, and transmit to them strong values, such as leadership, self-discipline, teamwork, a passion for education and learning, and respect for authorities.